…this site

This site serves as a place to document my thoughts and ramblings. The main subject areas it probably covers are:

  • Information security - Blu-ish cybersecurity; architecture, cloud, product, management, strategy and delivery
  • Neurodiversity - Thinking on the neurodivergent paradigm (c.f. Robert Chapman) as well as real-life trials and tribulations observed and experienced
  • Sociotechnical humanity - Emergent behaviour is tricky stuff, in both organisations and society
  • Corgis - The reason you are here, I know

There will be overlap!

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My name is Gabe Chomic. I’m a multiply neurodivergent technologist, tinkerer and polymath with a great interest in both people and cybersecurity. I’ve worked in technology for over two decades and across 14 countries, mostly in security but with sojourns into audit and operations. Having worn that hats of CTO, senior manager w/offshore, and individual contributor I’ve seen a frightening degree of error and some successes over the years. I currently focus on cloud security architecture at scale.

Security follows me out of the office too. I’m a big proponent of the infosec community. I served as President of the Information Security Systems Association’s UK chapter for six years, have moonlit at DC4420, help keep things running at 44CON and try to contribute when I can to BSides London. I’ve spoken frequently over the past decades but rarely on record - my most recent was in 2021.

I’ve also been a neurodiversity and disability advocate since 2019, within my employer(s) and to a very small extent online. Among other things, I am proudly autistic (despite masking far too effectively), ADHD-I and dyspraxic. This made growing up on the northern edge of mileniallihood very interesting, and I coped by developing a hyperfocus on people - on social dynamics and how they worked.

Which, is what led me from an engineering undergrad to a social science masters, a great many flight miles and eventually settling on the other side of the ocean from whence I was born. This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.